There's something I need to tell you......

There's something I need to tell you......

It's not very common and goes against main stream....

Many people wonder why I do it?

I work for FREE.  

Yup, I said it...FREE.  

And the women who have come along side me to help?  FREE.

Counter cultural, isn't it?  But isn't it cool!  You may be assuming that I work for free because my husband makes a ton of money..right?  But no, we have six kids, all in private school which makes us very far from rich, this whole week we will be cleaning out the pantry because we have to wait until payday to go to the grocery again. Really not kidding. 

I struggled a little with telling you all this...not because I am ashamed of this at all, in fact I couldn't see it any other way, but because I don't want it to come off prideful.  I don't want the glory to pointed at me.  Because it's not at all about me, it's about HIM.  It's simply what he has asked of me. 

This is what God has whispered to me, he has called me to use my gifts and time now as a mom with ALL of her kids in school to give more to others....the women who hand batik our fabric in Africa at Global Mamas

And the children in South Africa who have lost loved ones due to AIDS/HIV

How does this whole process work?

1. Your Two Little Fish item contains some Ghanian fabric which has been purchased straight from the village women in Ghana, Africa. This gives them sustainable income.

2. You will be sending a mattress to an AIDS orphan in South Africa through Horizon International with the purchase of a bedding set.
3. The rest of the profit from the set you have bought will be put BACK into local and global organizations that help Put Poverty To Bed! It's really THAT cool.

Feel good about the products you spend your money on. 100% purpose, 100% handmade in the USA.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I think you should know our heart...we promote Two Little Fish to look outside ourselves, we promote Two Little Fish in hopes that we CAN change the way we invest in products.  We CAN be a country that produces a product as a Non-Profit organization.  

Will you help us?  There are SO many out there who want to help globally and locally, but they don't know how...Two Little Fish gives them a way to use everyday purchases to do just this.....not through a company that gives some of their profit away, but through a Non-Profit organization that gives 100% of their profit away.  Will you share with your friends and help us spread the word?



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