Are you a Prisoner?

I am really enjoying getting back into a routine with ALL, yes ALL (tears) the kids in school.  In the mornings, I am spending my quite time with two groups of ladies.

I really love them both for different reasons...if you want to get plugged in to one of these groups and have questions, comment and I will do my best to direct you.

So, this morning in HelloMornings, we were reading about Paul and his attitude about being in prison and the following passage really struck me to the core. In Ephesians 4:1, Paul states "As a prisoner FOR the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."  So I started thinking, what is the difference between being a prisoner OF something versus a prisoner FOR something or someone?  I think the difference is profound.


 - Disbelief, I know my God is big enough and able to do all the things that we read about in the Bible, but I am chained to my disbelief that he might actually do something like this for me.

- Fear, Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with fear that I actually cease to function, I hide under my covers as if they will somehow makes my circumstances change around me.

- Prayerlessness, I realized just last night that I struggle with prayerlessness in certain areas where I am afraid to be vulnerable...what if I pray my heart out for this and ask all those to come along side me and his answer is NO, can I handle that, can I open my heart up enough to pray fervently and get an answer that I don't like? Honestly, the current state of my heart is resisting I don't bring my request to many to sound the trumpets.

-Negativity, For some reason I am wired to see and feel the negative sometimes more strongly than all the positive around me.  God can give me a gift, but the wrapping has been slightly damaged and all I can focus on is the damage, rather than the gift that came with it.  I have to be diligent in overcoming this with gratitude lists and my sweet husband :)  He is Mary Poppins (yet handsome without the umbrella and huge purse :)....and God formed this union on purpose...yes he has his days of seeing the negative around is, but for the most part his life story has shaped him to focus on the glory around us and the positive.  I love you Stephen.

-Circumstance, I really have a hard time sitting in my circumstances that seem to be uncomfortable.  I like to literally run away.  I run to go out to eat, go see my friends, drive to the city that makes me, run, run, run, run  to anything that gives me a glimmer of peace and comfort rather than sitting in the circumstance that God has asked me to.

When we are a prisoner OF something...we are letting that thought pattern or addictive behavior WIN, we are actually choosing the path of defeat. These things chain us to a life of constant worry and self doubt, never embracing the present and trusting that God can set us free and loves us enough to do so.

Paul stated that he was a prisoner FOR the Lord.  What an interesting shift, he was choosing to be held captive.  He lived every day under the authority and rule of the Lord without breaking free as a CHOICE to serve him.  He controlled turn allowing God to freely work in his life and point him in the direction of God's will.  He also did this without grumbling..when we are a prisoner OF something..we grumble and shake... trying to get away from it, but being a prisoner FOR something, we walk boldly into our chains each day and carry them with great purpose and freedom as we are choosing to trust our warden.

Do you trust your warden?  The God who promises to direct our steps together for good?

Today will you join with me in overcoming being a prisoner of and walk proudly as a prisoner FOR the one and only true God.

Much Love,


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    What a beautiful reminder of the truth of our standing in Christ!

  2. I love the purpose the word "for" communicates! I am _________ for the Lord. Whatever He may choose to fill in that blank. Thanks for sharing and linking up!