I just returned from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.  What an amazing conference!  A group of people that rally around you and call you to RISE to your calling.  God always meets you just where you are which is SO cool.  I was not having the best morning Friday and knew I should just KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT, as I knew God would have something specifically for me that morning in the talks.  And here it comes.  Three speakers on TOUGH CALLINGS.  Has God ever asked you to do something that you didn't want to do?  Yes.  Have you done that and expected to be so blessed and on an EASY path as you were following god's will?  Yes.  But it was HARD?  YES!  They used the example of Jeremiah.  God called him to give the people a message.  He thought this would be so FUN! A mission with God ....but the people didn't listen, they hated him, beat him, and told him to just SHUT UP!  Oh, Jeremiah, I feel your pain :)  But Jeremiah continued as he knew he heard clearly what God had asked him to do.  He pushed through wanting the approval of others, wanting to be liked and popular, wanting to be successful....and just did what God asked regardless.  WOW!  That takes a purposeful relationship with God and God alone.

God, is doing just this work in me...getting me to rely ONLY on HIS approval.  It is amazing how we don't realize something that we need until God brings it our way.  We are big and bushy, we have quite the Mohawk going on and we think we look fabulous, we have arrived, then God starts Pruning.  Ouch...oh don't take that piece, I like my sideburns...the whole time we kick and scream until we calm and trust him and, that Mohawk was hot!  I can feel the breeze.

My Mohawk has been the stability and self-confidence I received from my surrounding friends and church family.  I had amazing people of wisdom surrounding me and felt confident with my voice around the leaders of our church as I had been in relationship with them for so long and they knew my heart.  But what happens when we are moved to an area where we have no friends and don't know the leadership around God enough for we receive our strength from him?  Or are we desperate for the encouragement from those around us....for the people around us to love our calling and what we are saying?  Is GOD's Voice enough?

Personally, I have been experiencing a TREMENDOUS amount of spiritual warfare, more than I have ever encountered in my life.  Literally, in my mind, on most days I feel crazy!  The ONLY way to combat the conflict of our flesh and the influence the enemy has over speaking into our minds is WITH GOD first! We must believe him.  We must believe that he has called us to be RIGHT WHERE WE ARE.  We must also have the courage to ACT.  There were great leaders at this conference because they believed the talents that God placed within them.  No matter how many people disagreed with them or told them no, they followed God's voice and ACTED.  But we must be silent.....Silent....So we can hear HIM.

What is God calling you to ACT on?  It might be related to this ministry, it might not.  Do it!  Do you feel called to have any part in helping to bring income to these families in Ghana?

DO you have design talent, web design talent, if you are here locally in Lafayette, do you have some skills at a sewing machine?  Do you have a heart for organization?  Whatever your talents and gifts, if you feel a nudging about our ministry, contact me!  My email is or the company email is

We are currently in process of designing our web-store, any help would be great.  I am in GREAT need of about six to eight women to come along side me and be my seamstresses!  We will eventually need a warehouse, we will need people that can simply cut fabric.  We will need people to coordinate our ministry with Lafayette Transitional Housing.  We will need marketing...whatever you skill.  contact me!

In Christ,