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"Just keep swimming"

Whether your joyful, struggling, or simply lukewarm....My hope is this post will encourage you.  I have felt like a floundering fish...for about the last year and a half.  A fish that is being fed by the water and swimming amongst friends, then randomly tossed into the air, alone for a while, wondering how will I breath??, will I make it back into the water??, then with a splash...feel the warm water hug me once again to return to the safety of the water and swim my little fins off to catch up to the comfortable school  I was swimming with before.  The problem with this scenario is that I am never settled.  When I am in the warm water swimming amongst the school, I am sad that I can't stay there, when I am tossed in the air, I am anxious as to how will I breathe?  Maybe a hard illustration to follow...but I keep seeing nemo..fluttering and dori right there saying.."just keep swimming...just keep swimming" :)

Two Little Fish, that is the name that God gave for this ministry.  A name derived from the gospels and the feeding of the five thousand, all because one little boy was willing to sacrifice everything he had.  It seems like an easy story and when we hear the stories of others, we so easily read quickly through and say "wow", but what about when we are called to sacrifice?  I feel kinda silly even comparing my situation to a sacrifice of everything we have because very few of us have been called to that level, but we have all experienced sacrifice.  What do we do when God calls us to a life or a season that requires great sacrifice of what makes us comfortable?

For me, it was the sacrifice of a dream, of a life that felt good.  I so often get upset with myself as I feel like the Israelite's....grumbling and complaining about all the things I miss about Egypt....well yeah, I was in slavery, but I had so much comfort surrounding me. To give a quick overview, for those who may not know my story, I was in a marriage that ended in divorce, yet during that time I was surrounded by an amazing church and friends who were like family.  I had sisters and brothers in Christ who lifted me up everyday, the blessing of two small children, and the ability to stay at home with them. After the divorce, God provided a miracle in my life of an amazing God filled man, which required my family be moved to Lafayette.  New friends, new church, step mom to four grieving kids who lost their mom.  I had clearly heard God's call to take this new life on...and I charged forward with obedience...not expecting the pain and grief that would ensue with this new life he had called me to.  I was in God's will....without a doubt...but the water was not calm........I was the fish...swimming in warm water one minute and floundering in the air the next...could this be god's promise after obedience?   The challenges of a step mom are the hardest I have faced, throw grief and divorce on top of that and I was buried...... I was asked to do this in a new place..without the close comfort of my friends and church.

That's what brings me to today's writing...for those of you who are sad, dismayed, struggling, having a hard time breathing......there's hope.  I found myself outside with the book, Praying God's Word, by Beth Moore.  This is a book I read many times through my divorce and goes over topics with lists of scripture.  I found myself in the chapter about Overcoming Despair Resulting from Loss.  Here is the encouragement I found that I would like to share with you......

God CAN restore abundant life, but NOT if we form a stronghold after loss, which is the continued unwillingness or presumed inability to LET him do so!

Psalm 27:13-14 I would have despaired unless I believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD.

Psalm 126 Those who sew in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.  He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, shall indeed come again with a shout of Joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

THAT'S ME!!  To and fro weeping...that's the fish...floundering in the air...constantly weeping whether I am to or fro!!!  But notice .....all the while carrying his bag of seed.  Carrying the bread and life that God has called you to carry, DOING in obedience even though weeping.....Doesn't that encourage you????  God's word continues to say that it will indeed come again with a SHOUT of joy!!!!

This passage is saying that as we cry and suffer...we are promised that we will be returned to joy as long as we continue to carry that bag of seed, trusting that God has called us to OUR story and that THROUGH our tears, he will faithfully bring us through!!! AMEN

Now does that mean that we should do everything with grumbling, no...that's why I felt convicted to write this's the condition of our heart that God is interested in.  Don't use this verse as a license to grumble...but a grace filled hug that God understands our sorrow and calls us to simply trust HIM and "Just keep Swimming!"

So, I love how humorous God is because now when I am feeling defeated,  I will close my eyes and picture that God is swimming right next to me, just like Dori, singing "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

Praying you find your way to joy today amidst the sewing of is God's promise.


God's Provision

Definition of PROVISION 

a : the act or process of providing b : the fact or state of being prepared beforehand

Have you ever thought about God's provision in your life?  We say these words often I'm sure, but have we ever truly meditated on the supremacy and sheer power of this word?

The act or PROCESS of providing, the state of being prepared BEFOREHAND.  God truly is amazing.  He knows just what we need and he prepares us beforehand through a process.  But do we trust him in this process, do we sit IN the process and allow his provision to fall on our life?

It's hard to sit in the process, because most of the time it hurts, it takes too long, or it's simply uncomfortable for us.  The word provision came to my mind this morning due to the process that has been taking place in my own personal life and the development of Two Little Fish.  It has been a year in the making..both of the above...and God's blessings and rewards are beginning to surface.  We have been blessed to be supported by Northview Church and due to this support, we finalized a logo...pictured above with the help of the AWESOME Tish Reed, and given the opportunity to create an AMAZING promotional video by Jensen Productions.  We received the first preview this week and were completely blown away with the possibilities...what God is going to do once we get on our feet and run with this is simply surreal.  

I received the picture below this week from a friend that received her nursery bedding this week...

She still has a bumper to come to complete her nursery, but it makes my heart so happy that Two Little Fish has made it possible to decorate your baby's nursery while at the same time, providing income for women in Africa, as well as a place to sleep for an AIDS orphan.  That's pretty surreal!

Here are some up close pictures of her set Confetti Pop: another set like this will be available by July!

Do you want to be a part of God's Provision for Two Little Fish?  We will be increasing production this summer and need help with organizing fabric, cutting fabric, and all skill levels of sewing.  Even if you have no sewing skills....we can use your help!  Email Nicole at


SO EXCITED.....I can hardly stand it!

SO....ARE YOU READY??  You have seen all the "It's a Hoot" previews, which has to be by far my favorite girly fabric.  Well after all the pattern making, sample testing, and vigorous washing to test my products, I have my first full sample set done! 

I left the front of the Crib off so you can see the fabric completely.  One of the COOLEST things about this crib set, besides the awesome cool fabric from Ghana, is that the bumper has been made to accommodate your toddler as they move up to their toddler bed!

The front is sewn as a separate panel!  So as your child transitions into their toddler bed, their bumper can stay as part of their bedding.  And there is more........are you ready?

 It's REVERSIBLE!  So this crib set is not only super funky and adorable, but is made with HAND batiked fabric from women in Ghana AND when you purchase a set you will also be sending a MATTRESS to an orphan in South Africa through our partnership with Horizon International. Steve and I are not making ANY profit from this ministry, ALL profits will be going back into global and local ministries that work to fight poverty as well as supporting the local church to support missionaries and raise up leaders.

So, are you convinced that Two Little Fish is going to be the COOLEST bedding supplier known to man?
If's how you can help.....

Are you looking to buy crib bedding or a new Twin comforter for your child?  We are in need of 3-4 sample clients to purchase our bedding as a precursor to our launch.  You will receive an introductory discount as well as the ability to CHOOSE which fabrics you want me to use for your set.  This is a ONE time opportunity!  Based on the availability of the fabric, our initial line of bedding will be listed for sale after it is manufactured....but you have the opportunity to choose your STYLE AND FABRIC FAMILY!

Looking for a new TWIN comforter?  I have not shown any previews of those yet, but they are in the making.  They will showcase appliques of the Ghanian fabric in fun and whimsical designs for boys and girls.  You have the opportunity to CHOOSE your THEME AND FABRIC!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at  I will choose 3-4 WINNERS within two weeks.


Gratefulness amidst the Chaos

It's finished!  The room has been done for a couple months now...but I just now got it clean enough to show you on the blog! :)
 AND my fabric is all tagged and inventoried thanks to some special girls at Northview WL!
 This next picture I attribute to Jess Snell of Rockin B Design she has been instrumental in teaching me how to take my hobby to the next level of being a manufactured product.  I love you girl!  Thanks so much!
Here is a quick peek at some of the African fabrics we use in our bedding sets that you can find           HERE at

.....and I just couldn't resist adding my favorite Marilyn Monroe picture that I purchased when I first graduated.  I (used to) love to workout....and thought this was the coolest picture of Girl Power!  Of course, now that I have aged (some) and have six children, it is inappropriate to grace my entry way...but perfect for my little home in the basement!
This next picture is the most special...I have never had an older wise woman teach me her sewing skills.  I just adore older women that sew and LOVE the opportunity for them to teach me.  Steve lost his mom at age 11, but still has her sewing machine, her sewing box and the picture on the left was her manual....HOW COOL.  Her picture is on the right...even though I didn't get the opportunity for her to teach me, it has been really neat for Steve and I both to have a little bit of her presence in the room.

So....that's the finished product!  I have had a day of feeling so be honest though, I had to take a break from the ministry over the holidays....mostly due to the schedule, but also due to the fact that I needed a respite.....It has been REALLY hard balancing this task that God has asked of me with making new friends, helping out at church, being a good wife...oh and of course the six kids.  But what God reveled to me in his timing, was that after the month of respite.....although I felt less tired and stressed....I also felt less fulfilled, less joy, less purpose.  I realized that God knew I would be bored with the regular.  Thus why he asked me to take on this task of creating a manufactured product line that would support local and global else would I be able to saturate my children in a culture that is not ours?  How else would I be able to sufficiently show my children the reality of poverty around us and around the globe. What better way to show my children how to live a life dedicated to obedience and service to God than to show them by my own behavior!  God finally bestowed me with the wisdom that I am grateful for this opportunity and privileged that he asked this of me...yes it comes with more time management issues, more stress, more on my to do list...but I am GRATEFUL!

We have had a great year of preparation and we are getting so close to having a website with products up for SALE...  Please pray for god to continue to bring the right people to us for product brochures, web design and video production.  If you know of anyone who has skills in these areas that may be interested in doing some contract/free lance work can you comment under the Facebook feed.  It's gonna be soon least we can say a definite launch of products in 2012! Hooray