Humility is defined as, "A quality by which a person, considering his own defects, has a humble opinion of himself and willingly submits himself to God and to others for God's sake."

These thoughts came flooding through my mind as I sat and watched the David Crowder Band concert, specifically the amazing talent of Gungor and the drummer for DCB.

I LOVE seeing people perform in the middle of their passion.  When a person of God is doing something they are passionate about they exude joy and humility.  Usually they get so lost in the joy and presence of God, there is little time to be proud. 

It was so enthralling to watch the three musicians in Gungor excel in their own musical talents. They were each so different and each SO good.  And together it created such a beautiful form of worship.  As I watched them, I thought how each person was so important to the whole creation of music.  The leader by himself would not have been as entertaining and powerful as all of them together.  The musicians performed the gift and talent that god had given them humbly, they got lost in his presence and his joy.  Each one was equally important.  There was no pride, no competition for who's first name should appear in the band title.....just harmony.  I love how even though David Crowder Band obviously has David Crowder as it's leader, I was completely enthralled with the drummer, amazed at his musical talent and found the most joy with him.  An integral piece of the puzzle that creates the band.

Enjoy this clip of attention to the guy on the far right, he is actually beat boxing along with playing his string instrument.

Are you humble when you lead a group of believers or nonbelievers?  Do they see you using your gift with humility and joy in the presence of God?  What gift has God given you to add to the harmony of the church.  It's not just about ONE person.  None of us would function alone.  It is about the song that is created with ALL believers in Harmony.

I will admit, I am the most humble amidst my passion of design and sewing.  When someone complements me, I truly praise God for giving me the ability.  I am confident because I know this ability is from him.  I struggle more when I am placed in positions that I have to use aspects of my personality and abilities that are harder for me.  Parts of me that I know my flesh has a tendency to take over.  The flesh aspect of me wants to hear that I have done a good job because I am insecure about my ability.

So, at the end of the concert....I felt God telling me....That I don't have to be perfect, no one can excel in everything....and that would be no fun...what if David Crowder ran around the stage to play every part on his own!  The harmony wouldn't have been acheived.  God spoke to me about the importance of each role in the united body of Christ.  That even if he gives me a job that I may not do perfectly, it's about my obedience to own that position in order for the song to be written. 

So, how does this relate to the ministry?  I have been so blessed by help, people coming along side me to make this ministry a reality.  The other night my West Lafayette life group came over to have an Ironing party!! I had to wash all 250 yards of ghanian fabric because of shrinkage in my sample set and then iron ALL OF IT!  I never would have been able to complete this task all on my own.
 This is Amanda....she is having her baby AS I TYPE......BOY OR GIRL?????? We shall soon find out!

 As they ironed, I measured and folded.  I was tuckered out at 9:00pm, but not my team of girls!  They were determined to iron until it was all wrinkle free!!!!
 I love the unity and harmony of the church when we unite in  Thanks girls, i am so blessed and grateful to get to experience the Life Group that surrounded me at Northview Carmel, but now the group at Northview West Lafayette.  I love you girls!

So, here is next Sneak's called Natures Baby