Influence.....God is calling you to be completely YOU!

So I am ridiculously excited about attending the Influence Conference this month and gathering with women from all over the states...and Canada..to share in our vision to bring Jesus into our everyday lives and businesses.  So, I will share a little bit about how I heard about the conference, what I am most looking forward to and what I am going to be sure to bring with me.

A few months back, Two Little Fish won grant money from CWAM and we were so thrilled!  With that money, God was prompting me that I was to focus on Marketing our Non-Profit organization and product.  I have to admit, when God prompted me to spend the next few months on "marketing", I was less than thrilled...I am a designer, a seamstress, I know nothing about marketing.  BUT GOD, knew just what I needed....not just "marketing", but relationship, networking.  I have been completely overtaken and amazed at the COMMUNITY of women that awaits me.  Typically when HE calls me towards something, he has to tell me twice :)  I received a text from a friend saying "Hey, have you heard about the influence Conference? You should go"  I thought...oh, wonder what that is...maybe I will look into it.  Life happened and I forgot to see what this Influence thing was that she was talking about.  Then not even two days later, I get a quick email from a friend while she was driving home from BlogHer 13 telling me I should go to the Influence Conference.  This time, I heard HIM, so I went to check it out.  I immediately loved what I saw and the heart behind their mission and signed up.  But it was what happened next that I wasn't prepared for.  I started "marketing" our Non-Profit Organization and product on Instagram and began to follow and connect with these women that were to be at this conference and I was blown away by the story of their life, their heart, and their desire to follow Jesus.  I saw them all speaking about a devotional they participated in and I looked into this as well, She Reads Truth.  She Reads Truth is now incorporated into my morning routine and I just love it.  God has used the story of many woman that i have connected with through social media to really touch my heart and shape it by watching their life circumstances or how they respond.  So my friends, the internet is real and it can be used to pour Jesus into another life.

A question was posed asking what I was going to be sure to bring to the conference.  First, since everyone was chatting it up about what "style" they were going to sport at the conference, I had the idea to get some of the women's clothing from the line of fabric that we use in our bedding sets.  This fabric is hand dyed and stamped in Ghana, Africa.  We then buy some of this fabric to use in our product, but the organization, Global Mamas, also employs local seamstresses in Ghana and Pram Pram to make clothing and bags.  So, I am super pumped to be sporting my new Chevron blouse made by Gina and Grace.  I just love the idea that I get to "market" what our mission is here at Two Little Fish while supporting and pointing people to Global Mamas for some cute threads :) 

Just giving you a teaser speak peek, but I think this color is a perfect excuse for me to go buy some new Coral pants to rock with it....you know since I am at the TOP of the age bracket for the woman attending, I need to dress a few years younger :)) The six kids doesn't really help my style either, but I am getting off topic!

The second thing I am going to bring is my SECURITY in exactly who God created me to be.  This is sometimes such a struggle to us gals, but one thing I have learned walking through my 20's into my 30's and beyond....is that we MUST find security in exactly what God purposed US for.  I know it is very intimidating for many women to walk into a room FULL of talented young women, but my sister, YOU are one of them.  God has ordained your product, your blog, your words, your ideas just for you to carry out.  He doesn't want you to be a copy of me or for me to be a copy of The Tiny Twig, or Better Life Bags.  He has gifted each of us with a certain personality and work to carry out for his kingdom.  So that will be my prayer for you my sweet sister, and myself, is that as we walk around and interact with all these amazing women that we constantly remember that God brought us there to be who HE created US to be, not morph us into someone else. 


So, in closing, I am most excited about sitting in the wisdom and relationship of these women that surround me and hearing their STORY.  Each one of us has been given a story that draws people closer to God, whether through our pain, our journey or our triumph.  I am excited to see the faces of those I have read about and just SIT with LIKE MINDED souls.  But as we enjoy being LIKE MINDED, I pray that God sets us apart and encourages the fire and passion he has created for each of us that have been invited into his presence.

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Many hugs to you!



What are you hiding from? The LIE of FEAR

I was prompted to write while scrolling through social media this morning and reading yet another story of a sweet mother loosing her precious baby.  A few weeks ago, the social community of The Influence Network rallied around a woman named Diana who was fighting to keep her precious son....she had already lost two other children.  No words to speak.  She lost her precious Kaden here on this earth, her third baby to go see Jesus before her.  Now I scroll through another community of online bloggers and another child suddenly torn from her Mother's arms as a young newborn.  This has happened to one of my best friends, we all held sweet Jeremy after his spirit had gone to be with Jesus, we came alongside our friend as she sat through the funeral, watched her experience even more pain trying to create their family after loosing sweet Jeremy, however, it was followed by a God ordained adoption and a healthy pregnancy.  So many emotions to travel over the course of time and now we get to sit in the "happy ending" of it all.  BUT what about the darkness, what about traveling the thick of it, what about the FEARS, what about the emotions that remain from all the hard stuff?  

This morning in Daniel through She Reads Truth we discussed King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel's interpretation of it....the writer from She Reads Truth then asked......

"What mysteries are troubling you today? What images have frightened you to the core? What question would you give anything to have answered right now?
God may not spell out the answers for us the way He did for the king through Daniel that day, but He does invite us to seek Him. He does invite us to ask Him for wisdom and mercy, and He delights to give it. The answers may not look the way we’d hoped, or they may not be clear at all. The unsolvable may not be solved after one prayer or thousands. But we know the One who is the revealer of mysteries, and we know that He is for us. Nothing, not even the darkest mysteries, can separate us from His love." (excerpt from SheReadsTruth)

So what are we afraid of?  What is troubling you today?  What are you SO frightened about?  Sweet sister, I know this feeling too.  I can't write and give you any promises of what is going to be of your situation.  We don't know how Diana or Katy's story will turn out...BUT we must choose to believe the above stated to be true about our GOD.  Ephesians 1:9 (NASB) states " He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him"  Did you notice the word KIND intention.  The TRUTH is that God's will is according to his KIND intention.  We MUST believe this to be true...... if not, aren't we claiming that we don't believe in God's ability, power, or sovereignty?

As we look through the lens of this world, as we look through the lens of pain at death and despair and things that simply aren't FAIR....we must believe ladies...I'm begging you to believe with me...that Romans 8:28 is TRUE, that Ephesians 1:9 is true, that Jeremiah 29:11.  We need to rally around these truths!

What is your fear?  What are you hiding from? ...BELIEVE that his word is TRUE, that his intention is KIND.  Lay your FEAR down that is your darkest nightmare and TRUST that GOD is who he says he is.  We MUST believe that the light can overtake even THIS darkness.

Praying with you and for you today....

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