Bonding through service

 Wouldn't it be ideal if our work, service and family time could somehow intertwine?  We just had that blessed moment!! :)  The kids have no homework and are restless cause it's the last week of school, Mommy really needed to get a sample Two Little Fish bumper set made.  I asked my son Braeden if he wanted to come have some special time with me and help me...he resounded yes, as well as the other three kids standing there!  Ahh, what to do now.  Well, I decided they could each have a turn helping me and spending some alone time with me...how that was going to be fruitful, I had yet to figure out...ha ha ha, but GUESS WHAT??  They did GREAT.  We got an entire bumper set cut out while they each learned how to trace and cut.  Aren't they cute.....
 Lexie Bear

 Braeden making a very concentrated face...
 Avery doing a GREAT job with the rotary cutter!

 Malena beana
AND the final cut...it's our Crushing on Coral Set......coming soon!

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