God's Provision

Definition of PROVISION 

a : the act or process of providing b : the fact or state of being prepared beforehand

Have you ever thought about God's provision in your life?  We say these words often I'm sure, but have we ever truly meditated on the supremacy and sheer power of this word?

The act or PROCESS of providing, the state of being prepared BEFOREHAND.  God truly is amazing.  He knows just what we need and he prepares us beforehand through a process.  But do we trust him in this process, do we sit IN the process and allow his provision to fall on our life?

It's hard to sit in the process, because most of the time it hurts, it takes too long, or it's simply uncomfortable for us.  The word provision came to my mind this morning due to the process that has been taking place in my own personal life and the development of Two Little Fish.  It has been a year in the making..both of the above...and God's blessings and rewards are beginning to surface.  We have been blessed to be supported by Northview Church and due to this support, we finalized a logo...pictured above with the help of the AWESOME Tish Reed, and given the opportunity to create an AMAZING promotional video by Jensen Productions.  We received the first preview this week and were completely blown away with the possibilities...what God is going to do once we get on our feet and run with this Ministry...it is simply surreal.  

I received the picture below this week from a friend that received her nursery bedding this week...

She still has a bumper to come to complete her nursery, but it makes my heart so happy that Two Little Fish has made it possible to decorate your baby's nursery while at the same time, providing income for women in Africa, as well as a place to sleep for an AIDS orphan.  That's pretty surreal!

Here are some up close pictures of her set Confetti Pop: another set like this will be available by July!

Do you want to be a part of God's Provision for Two Little Fish?  We will be increasing production this summer and need help with organizing fabric, cutting fabric, and all skill levels of sewing.  Even if you have no sewing skills....we can use your help!  Email Nicole at nicole@twolittlefish.com

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