SO EXCITED.....I can hardly stand it!

SO....ARE YOU READY??  You have seen all the "It's a Hoot" previews, which has to be by far my favorite girly fabric.  Well after all the pattern making, sample testing, and vigorous washing to test my products, I have my first full sample set done! 

I left the front of the Crib off so you can see the fabric completely.  One of the COOLEST things about this crib set, besides the awesome cool fabric from Ghana, is that the bumper has been made to accommodate your toddler as they move up to their toddler bed!

The front is sewn as a separate panel!  So as your child transitions into their toddler bed, their bumper can stay as part of their bedding.  And there is more........are you ready?

 It's REVERSIBLE!  So this crib set is not only super funky and adorable, but is made with HAND batiked fabric from women in Ghana AND when you purchase a set you will also be sending a MATTRESS to an orphan in South Africa through our partnership with Horizon International. Steve and I are not making ANY profit from this ministry, ALL profits will be going back into global and local ministries that work to fight poverty as well as supporting the local church to support missionaries and raise up leaders.

So, are you convinced that Two Little Fish is going to be the COOLEST bedding supplier known to man?
If's how you can help.....

Are you looking to buy crib bedding or a new Twin comforter for your child?  We are in need of 3-4 sample clients to purchase our bedding as a precursor to our launch.  You will receive an introductory discount as well as the ability to CHOOSE which fabrics you want me to use for your set.  This is a ONE time opportunity!  Based on the availability of the fabric, our initial line of bedding will be listed for sale after it is manufactured....but you have the opportunity to choose your STYLE AND FABRIC FAMILY!

Looking for a new TWIN comforter?  I have not shown any previews of those yet, but they are in the making.  They will showcase appliques of the Ghanian fabric in fun and whimsical designs for boys and girls.  You have the opportunity to CHOOSE your THEME AND FABRIC!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at  I will choose 3-4 WINNERS within two weeks.


  1. I love this so much! If I had kids I'd be all over this deal. :)

    Do you care if I post about it on my blog?

  2. Nicole- these are awesome- I love how the bumper converts! Unfortunately, I don't need any right now but I will pass on the link! Love them!

  3. You've been one busy girl! Love it, love it, love it! Not only do I love the bedding, I love your concept!