Oh boy. That is a word that I have come to greatly dislike. Transition. If you are a member of Northview Church you just watched a sermon on "The Land Between". If not, I would highly suggest you go to their web page and download the feed It spoke about life amidst the difficult transitions......death, divorce, moves, loss of a job, loss of relationship......the land between slavery and Egypt....The Promised land. What do we do with this time? What do we do with these hardships?

When you look at the Israelites and hear them grumbling and complaining about their trip OUT of slavery INTO God's perfect land for them...what do you think? Idiots? Well...I have been one of those idiots for a few months, stewing on what WAS provided for me amidst my slavery and just how different life had become now.

Let me say up front, that my husband is WONDERFUL........My Knight has finally arrived.  However, the transition out of my "home church" and my supporting friend and family structure has thrown me for a loop to say the least.


When God called me to be a part of The Roswarski's life in Lafayette, I heard him loud and clear. I followed in obedience and I haven't looked back. I don't regret my decision...ever. But what I wasn't prepared for was the aching I would feel in my heart with the loss of the everyday interaction with my Life Group.  The group pictured above is the definition of a Life Group. This is the epitome of what Northview strives for when we promote "Life Groups". Groups of people who gather around each other and live life together. We have experienced divorce, the loss of a job, loss of a grandparent, the loss of a newly born child, addiction, and marriage struggle...all TOGETHER. When I say that I love these people, that word is an understatement. The men in this picture have been very special in my life as well....they rallied around me like big brothers. The loss of the group and change in my church surroundings has been very real to me and sadly I was focused there for a couple months....but out of my self pity arises a God honoring perspective.

Few people have the privilege of experiencing the relationships that I have, and now I have the opportunity to model this type of life giving relationship and "life group" to those around me here at my new church campus in West Lafayette. I still have the gift of relationship with these people, it is just different. I have also been forced to look at my ability to handle my circumstances by running JUST to God. I know there is benefit in that, it's biblical. God gives us relationship and support systems to help us through struggle and to speak to us many times, but we always must hold him at the forefront of our refuge.

So, I say all this to get us thinking about perspective. I have been sad about the end of a chapter with one Life Group and I have been homesick for my "home church"....but in that waller of emotion....I could miss the following

I have NEW life here. I have little women and men that desperately need to be taught how to be followers of Christ amidst their pain. God has allowed all SIX of my children to attend a private Christian School where they will be raised in the presence of God DAILY!!!! He has put a vision on my heart for a ministry that uses my favorite passion. He has brought a new Life Group into my life, open and ready for relationship. He has given me the privilege to be a part of a growing campus here in West Lafayette.

My children are joyful. Our family is learning how to navigate this messy life while honoring God. I am learning how to remain calm in the mess. I have experienced some loss.....but for what? GAIN in the kingdom of God. Isn't that what God created our lives to be about? Jesus gave us the ultimate example of self-sacrifice. I will keep my old friends and I will make new ones. I will remember my old church home and I will relish in the fact that I still get to be a part of the Northview community that I so love here at the West Lafayette Campus. I will not yearn for my time in slavery because many aspects were comfortable, but I will know that God has a PERFECT plan and his words are true!

Pray for my continued ability to trust God and move forward, to embrace new relationships and venture into the world of running with a ministry idea as well as running a household of eight.

In Christ,

Mrs. Roswarski
(and yes, we are related to the mayor) LOL

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