Northview Peeps Unite!

I love using the word peeps.  It's so old school :) So, as you all know, God took me to the West Lafayette campus of Northview Church.  Robbie Stewart has been the Campus Pastor there for the last four years.  God has taken him towards his passion of working with homeless youth in although we are happy to see Robbie in God's will......we are without a campus pastor.  Oh yeah, and a side note....there is a girl in Boston too :)  Robbie would kill me if he knew I posted that! Lucky for me, I don't think he is much of a blog reader.

Just found this picture in the staff directory.  Doesn't he look Rico suave.  Oh Robbie, we sure will miss you.  On to the reason for the post........For the church, I am asking that you unite with us in prayer.  This campus is thriving.  Lafayette, as a whole, has very traditional churches.  Northview has a special niche in this area as one of the ONLY come as you are, contemporary church environments.  The area is also prime for a new, fresh, fun environment for the teens to come and show that loving Jesus really is cool!  Because we are blessed to be an extension of Northview Church, we have all the resources and knowledge on how to do this and bring this type of worship to Lafayette.  Both Steve and I felt strongly when we moved to the West Lafayette campus, that God has big growth in store.  So unite with us and pray for the RIGHT pastor to come in contact with Mark Crull and Steve Poe at the Northview Carmel campus.  Pray that the nudging that this person might feel gets stronger and stronger.

Secondly, the reason this post is on this blog, is in regards to how this transition effects this ministry.  As I mentioned before, It was an initial meeting between my husband, myself, and Robbie that got this whole thing started.  Our desire was for this to be a ministry of Northview Church, not just some idea Steve and I followed on our own.  We have no desire for income from this, we want to support Northview and the ministries we partner with.  That being said, we must have the support of the West Lafayette lead staff and pastor as we move forward.  That's a big deal with Robbie moving out of the picture as he was our third leg :)  I know God knew all about this as he was writing this plan, yet it is a little scary.  So pray that the new pastor shares our vision for uniting this ministry with the West Lafayette campus.

As a personal note, I felt at home for the first time yesterday during our church service!  That is a big deal.  I was so attached with the Carmel family, it has been a very hard transition to put it lightly.  But of course, there was something that I wasn't doing yet either and that was opening my heart and allowing these people and this new church to be my new family.  I did that about a month ago and yesterday, I felt at peace, at home.  I am so blessed to be able to still serve with so many that I love still at the Carmel Campus.  The best of both worlds really.  Imagine that, God actually knew what HE was doing! (Big Smile)

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