Thanksgiving outside the box

The season is here.....time to spend our hard earned cash and shop til we drop, but yet amidst this black Friday rush, we are to stop and give thanks.  I will admit, I am almost done shopping....having six kids to get Christmas for, I HAVE to look for the deals and hit all the Black Friday ads, but this year as I have been shopping, this image has been burned into my mind.

This is a little girl that I met when I traveled to Africa.  At first glance, I thought the marks on her face were painted on...but as you get closer you can see that they are scars.  Scars from a knife or razor that was taken to her skin to release the evil spirits.  Her family practiced Voodoo and they believe that cutting her face would protect her.  She will now forever live with these scars on her face.

When you go to a third world country, you just can't believe it.  We literally drove past a small two year old walking along a cement embankment, holding a machete, with a blindfold over their face!  Our bus passed and all we could do between the glass was stare and pray.  The feelings of helplessness simply can't be expressed.

BUT, there is something we CAN do straight from home, that was the basis behind Two Little Fish, using what we HAVE been given and blessing others with it.  I partner with a Non-Profit Organization named Horizon International.  They have the ability to send food and other various items to these women and children in Africa.  So this Thanksgiving, I am asking if you can give thanks outside of the box?  Can you share your feast with someone across the globe?  For your donation of $35 Two Little Fish will partner with Horizon to send a Turkey straight to a family in Africa.  $10 of this donation will also go towards supporting our spiritual partner for the month of December, Life Action Ministries.  Here at Two little Fish, we feel it is so important to take care of those across the globe who are so much less fortunate than us, but also to not forget of the spiritually poor, the families here amongst us that are struggling.

SO, can you have thanksgiving outside of the box this year?  Simply click the donation button to the right and donate in the amount of $35 (You may donate more if you would like) and we will send a Turkey straight to Africa for you AND support an amazing ministry that partners with families for their spiritual health.

We are THANKFUL for you!


**Two Little Fish is an accredited 501c3 corporation, you will receive a letter from Horizon International confirming your purchase.**

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