Stop striving and FOLLOW

So...I just returned from The Influence Conference and it was just SO much fun.  I have had to sleep for a couple days to catch up...but after my two days of naps, I am sitting on what God did in me this weekend.  There were so many wonderful speakers and women, but I have to say those that stuck out to me were Lara Casey and Rebecca of Better Life Bags...Why?  Because their story was steeped with the term FOLLOW.  Neither one of them had "formal" training in the path God took them down, they simply followed GOD's prompting and desire for their lives and their careers.  It is SO very cool to see just what God can do when we trust him and abandon our fears and just follow him.

I have to say that I only slept about 30 minutes on Friday night..seriously not I was just stupid tired on Saturday....ask my assistant Paige, I introduced myself to Shauna Niequist by saying "Hi, I'm Nicole, I don't read"  Ha ha ha , what I was trying to say was that I hadn't yet read her books, but I had listened to her at the WillowCreek Global Leadership Summit...but it just came out stupid.  OH, I LAUGH :)

But the beauty that God perfomed in my tiredness was that I was so completely exhausted that I simply prayed that he would connect me with women, that HE would cross my path with those that he wanted to speak with and listen to.  And guys did he ever show up.  I am still really sitting in awe of the connections he made this weekend and the work that he did in my heart as I tiredly SAT, stopped STRIVING, and FOLLOWED him.

Guys, I am so very excited for what lies ahead with Two Little Fish and for the connections and relationships that God is bringing me out of this ministry...Did you know we are a ministry?  We are actually a NON-PROFIT organization that makes Children's Bedding, YES, that means we give 100% away...This set is one of my all time favorites..ALL of the fabric was hand stamped and dyed by village women in Africa, then sent directly to us to make into this Uber cute bedding set for little Adara.

We also just received a NEW shipment of fabric just before Influence of a few new Ghanaian prints.  I had already set up to bring them to the conference to show one of the girls who was pregnant, Two Little Fish will be making her Baby Bedding and with this set a mattress will then be sent to an AIDS orphan in South Africa :)  BUT, I'm gonna let you guess as to just which pregnant lady it is?!?!?!  There were SO many.  She will be doing a blog post on I will be sure to share then.  Here is a sneak peek of the fabric she chose.

So, in closing, I was so blessed to connect with all these souls at Influence who want to use their voice for Jesus, who want to lift and encourage one another.  I am so blessed to serve through Two Little Fish, such a cool dream that GOD had and gave me the honor of leading....But I hope my leading comes from FOLLOWING.

There were so many of you that I didn't get to meet...I would love to connect ...comment, find us on twitter or IG.

Much love to you!



  1. haha I love what you said to Shauna. I would have died laughing ;) Glad we got to connect this weekend!

  2. I have also embarrassed myself in front of Shauna Niequist so don't feel alone! hahaha.

    I love the commonalities you noticed between Lara's and Rebecca's sessions. I wasn't in Rebecca's session but it didn't really click with me until you mentioned it that Lara's session was incredibly focused on following the Lord and His leading on your life.

    I didn't really know anything about your ministry before this post but I LOVE what you're doing. I just went to Africa for the first time this summer and I was just floored by what I see as lack contrasted by the joy that exceeded my own. Your bedding sets are adorable and I love that the fabric comes from Africa!

  3. Love this. Love your ministry. Loved meeting you. Much love to you lady!