The Infamous Proverbs 31 Woman

While talking through the logistics of how production of this ministry is going to work with some friends last night, I began to feel overwhelmed.  How in the world am I to keep up?  A wife, a mom....of a lot of kids, a friend, an involved member of the church, oh, and a ministry director/seamstress.  Does your list in life ever overwhelm you?  Mine does daily.  But, always, when we go to the word of god...what does he do?  He calms us, he tells us that we ARE enough, just to trust him.

This morning in my journal I was writing to God about my to do list.  How will I ever be able to keep up?  I asked for supernatural strength and still felt heavy with....But How God?  Then he reminded me of a situation in my life, actually many, where I have prayed with tears of anguish and given him a list of my "desires" for the remedy of the problem and he has continually followed through and given me an answer to prayer that is more than I could have even fathomed.  It is as if he is saying.  " I hear you Nicole, I've got this.  I hear your heart, just rest and watch me bring the answer"  And his responses are miraculous

SO, as I am feeling overwhelmed and as if this is impossible.  My devotion in Women of the Bible, by Ann Spangler, is on the woman of Proverbs 31.  Coincidence?  Never!  The opening line states "The woman of Proverbs 31 was a real pro at working with fabrics" AMEN Sister!  "She wove the Flax threads into linen for bed coverings"  Seriously....could it be more appropriate.  The author of the book explains that the women of the household spent virtually every spare moment on one part or another of the task of making fabrics.  The "wife of noble character" in Proverbs 31 works "with eager hands" (v13), and it seems as if the spindle and distaff never leave her fingers (v19).  That's why "she has no fear for her household"

                                   The Orange and Pink Dot fabrics are hand batiked from Ghana
Therefore, once again...God empowered me with the strength to keep on sewing :)  I am close to finishing my first crib set.  Sneak peek above.

God continues to amaze me...with the desires he sets in my heart and the ability to carry them out.  My ABSOLUTE favorite quote is

"God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called"

What is God calling you to do today?  HE WILL equip you.

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